Saturday, September 30, 2006

New Health and Safety Articles

Health and Safety are issues that every sailor is concerned about - or at least, should be. Personally, I am not a big friend of over-emphasizing the dangers of sailing over the fun of it, because I view sailing as a very safe sport compared to many others.

Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of the risks involved with sailing and how to act in case of a health and safety issue. The new articles aim to provide information about acoustic and visual distress signals, an introduction to Modern Yacht Piracy and High-risk areas of them, First Aid for Conscious and Unconscious Victims, a guide to seasickness and its treatment, a checklist for a Yachting First Aid Kit, a guide to horrible cruise diseases and health risks and a general introduction to Health and Safety for sailors.

It was quite a bit of work to put all these things together, so I hope that you will find it useful and I'm looking forward to getting some feedback here on the BLOG!

Smooth sailing,



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